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Today at we are talking about TRAVEL IN MEXICO,

Mexico coat of arms

Mexico coat of arms

Ah Mexico, the clubs in Tijuana, diving in Cozumel while exploring underwater rock formations through pristine waters in the Caribbean. Craving something a little more ancient? Then go to Teotihuacan.

Teotihuacan is in my view the most spectacular site in all of Mexico. The name of the site ‘Place of the Gods’ is actually derived by the Aztecs not the  Teotihuacanos. The Aztecs found this city abandoned, the Aztecs consider this site a sacred place full of mystery.



Keeping with TravelWellbeing.wordpress.coms theme we need to find out the weather and the climate in Mexico to make your trip a comfortable one.

When you think Mexico you think warm weather. Don’t you?

However the weather in Mexico is very diverse because of the massive land mass. Weather in Mexico City averages around 25 degrees in summer where as Cozumel averages around 29 degrees.

Diverse Geography!

Mexico’s geography is extremely diverse, ranging from tropical beaches, tropical forest, deserts devoid of life and snow covered mountain peaks.

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