Celebrity cruises

Here at travel wellbeing we have been talking about cruising, but today we are going to be a little more specific.


Celebrity cruises is one of the major cruise lines out there and we will touch base on the others later. 

Some facts about celebrity cruises compared to the major lines:

  • Has the best food
  • The most elegant ships and spas
  • Cruises are really under priced 
  • Celebrity is a premium line

So thats just a splash of information on Celebrity cruises but heres some more detail

About the company: 

  • Celebrity is the brainchild of Harry H. Haralambbopoulos and John and Michael Chandris
  • The creators wanted to create a newer, better cruiseline with new ships, larger, more standard cabins, focusing on food and service in the European tradition
Grand foyer

Grand foyer

What’s it really like though?

  • Clean
  • Well maintained
  • Best artwork
  • Provides niceties that other major lines have forgotten


  • Sensible layout
  • Decor is elegant 
  • abundance of sun loungers
  • Delivers a great vacation


  • Two seatings
  • Freestyle dining
  • Superior trained waiters
  • Food is based loosely on classic french cuisine
  • Better quality food


  • This is an area where the company can improve
  • Luckily they are improving the quality of the shows


  • Celebrity recognises the demand of spa and fitness facilities and has improved its offerings

Want to know more than go to:

This post is by the CEO of travelwellbeing William 


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