Relax-on a luxury cruise

Relax, and theres no better way to relax than living in luxury on a luxury cruise.

Theres no better way to relax

Theres no better way to relax

Luxury cruises are the ultimate way to relax on a cruise, get away from that hustle and bustle of screaming kids on a carnival cruises, we tell you why luxury is better. 

  • Flawless service
  • Champagne
  • European crew
  • A crew where the word ‘no’ is not in their vocabulary
  • Finest quality ingredients, service, beds
Butler service on a Silversea cruise

Butler service on a Silversea cruise

Cruise lines that offer this relaxation on a luxury cruise

Crystal Cruises

  • Crystal Serenity 
  • Crystal Symphony

Hapag-Lloyd Cruises

  • Europa

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

  • Seven Seas Mariner
  • Seven Seas Navigator
  • Seven Seas Voyager


  • Seabourn Legend
  • Seabourn Odyssey
  • Seabourn Pride
  • Seabourn Sojourn
  • Seabourn Spirit

SeaDream Yacht Cruises

  • SeaDream I
  • SeaDream II

Silversea Cruises

  • Silver Cloud
  • Silver Shadow
  • Silver Spirit
  • Silver Whisper
  • Silver Wind




Europa is the most luxurious of all the luxury cruise ships, with a sleek appearance, Great accommodation, Great ingredients, fantastic food, impeccable service. Europa is the most luxurious of all the Luxury ships

RELAX!!!!, and let us know the most relaxing cruise you have been on 

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travel rewards card-singapore airlines

Today at we are talking about singapore airlines travel rewards club, PPS club Krisflyer. (Priority Passenger service) 

PPS club Krisflyer

PPS club Krisflyer


  1. Earn Krisflyer miles when flying singapore
  2. Increased check-in baggage
  3. Priority check-in
  4. Priority boarding
  5. Lounge access 

Status levels

  1. Krisflyer
  2. Elite Silver
  3. Elite Gold

How to advance up the levels 

When you fly singapore airlines or any other associated airline(s) you will receive points. YOU can also earn krisflyer by staying at associated hotels and shopping at associated shops. The more you fly singapore and shop and stay at associated hotels the more YOU EARN. 


YES you can:

  1. REDEEM POINTS FOR FLIGHTS (singapore airlines and star alliance flights)

How easy is it to join:

  1. Enter details
  2. Setup password for account
  3. Start earning



Travel Rewards Card

Today at we are talking about Qantas’s travel rewards card, frequent flyers. 

Qantas Frequent Flyers

Qantas Frequent Flyers

Perks of being a frequent flyer:

  1. Extra bonus frequent flyer points when flying
  2. Priority check-in and preferential seating
  3. Extra baggage allowance
  4. Allowance to Qantas and Emirates and oneworld lounges 

Status levels

  1. Bronze
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. Platinum

Hang on a minute how do I ‘Level Up’ 

To move up the ranks you simply need to fly with Qantas, shop at selected stores and you will earn frequent flyer points.

Can I use these Frequent flyer points

The answer is YES, you can use these points to get you anything you want (provided you have enough points) on the Qantas store. You can even Book a flight using points and cash COMBINED. You can use these points to purchase QBE travel insurance and to purchase an upgrade.

One last thing, HOW EASY IS IT TO JOIN?

Join online for $82.50 (Think of the benefits), then provide details.

The team here at travelwellbeing recommend getting the travel rewards card, frequent flyers if you plan to travel with Qantas. Let us know about your experiences down below. 

This article 0n travel rewards cards was written by CEO of travelwellbeing, William. 

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a very important when travelling, I find that it gives me peace of mind.

Lets compare two different scenarios 

  1. Travel Insurance
  2. No Travel Insurance

Scenario 1 travel insurance 

We are going to Bali for five days, some areas of bali are a hotbed for disease. A large majority of Australians pick up chlamydia, so for this scenario we pick up chlamydia. Thank God we had insurance because our insurance pays for all the medical, however just as we thought that our luck could not get any worse we reverse into a tree. Luckily our insurance pays for that expense as well. We got insurance from travel insurance direct for $42.00


Scenario 2, no travel insurance 

We are going to Bali for five days with no travel insurance, dammit we have chlamydia and no insurance. Money down the toilet 😦 

OMFG, we reverse into a tree 

I definitely recommend getting travel insurance on your travels. Has this ever happened to you comment below



Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS20 review

Everyone knows that when you go for a holiday you need a good camera to get some good pictures like this picture that the Lumix DMC-ZS20 captured. I love the Panasonic Lumix ZS20 14.1 MP High Sensitivity DMC Digital Camera with 20x Optical Zoom (Black)
and i fully recommend the product, I will give some specs and features as well.

Quality photo

Quality photo 20x zoom

In my view when I consider buying a camera it needs to have a good quality zoom, and the Lumix DMC-ZS20 ticks that box 

Portable, light-weight, excellent design and good build quality.

Portable, light-weight, excellent design and good build quality.

Another plus is that the Lumix DMC-ZS20 has an excellent design, a good build and yet is extremely portable. When I have traveled I have seen Canon Cameras that are the same standard as the Lumix ZS20 but you have to lug  233 grams instead of 203 grams

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS20 is a pretty remarkable point-and-shoot camera.Beyond its lens, the ZS20 has a lot to offer, including improved low-light photo quality from previous models and very fast shooting performance for this category of camera. 

For me its a great camera. All hail the Panasonic Lumix ZS20 14.1 MP High Sensitivity DMC Digital Camera with 20x Optical Zoom (Black)

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Worlds best travel experiences, Ebook recommended

So you came here to find a post based on the worlds best travel experiences Ebook.

Do have millions to spend on travel to over 400 of the best places to travel in the world, well I don’t (not at the moment anyway), but do I have the $15.99 to spend on World’s Best Travel Experiences: 400 Extraordinary Places
Yeah I do and you do as well.


India travel

I BET YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN ANYWHERE LIKE INDIA. Personally I think I am correct, all the hustle and bustle of India travel.

AH INDIA 1.2 billion people, the second most populous country in the world.

When you hear the word India what do you see in your mind? Personally I see New Delhi, the Taj Mahal, Mumbai and Goa

Today is the start of a series where we talk about all the topics listed above. 

But today we are talking about the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal


TAJ MAHAL HISTORY, INDIA TRAVEl. Craving some australian history go here

India Travel, you cant go to India without seeing the Taj Mahal, its architectural beauty, one of the seven wonders of the world.

The Taj Mahal was built in over 22 years, the Taj Mahal was dedicated to Shah Jahans wife  Mumtaz Mahal. Shah Jahan was a muslim army commander ah nd lost his wife after she gave birth to another child. The construction of the Taj Mahal began in 1631. The final request of his wife was for him not to marry again and prove their endless love by building a dreamlike beautiful mausoleum.

Rooms in the Taj Mahal, India Travel.

Ah the mystery continues again, this great mausoleum has a architectural style of Hindu and Muslim styles blended into one palace.

The Taj Mahal Consists of 

  • A forecourt
  • A great gate
  • A huge garden
  • A mausoleum
  • Tomb Chamber

Have you ever been to India or the Taj Mahal If so post a comment below and join the conversation



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